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“Dr. Taylor is the Michaelangelo of cosmetic dermatologists. She administered Juverderm and essentially gave me back my face.  I walked out of her office with instant results: ten years younger.”
          - S from Center City

“Dr. Taylor referred me to another dermatologist for a laser treatment not offered in her office. This doctor is known as a "leading laser specialist" and I was impressed that Dr. Taylor was proactive in making the referral. When the laser doctor looked at my face, he commented that I did not need botox or fillers because my face looked great. That was when I revealed that Dr. Taylor had treated me with both Botox and Juviderm. The specialist remarked that Dr. Taylor did a spectacular job resulting in a completely natural appearance. Dr. Taylor always says that she wants me to be my best self and when she treats my skin, I am confident that I will look naturally good.”
          - Lisa


Dr. Susan Taylor MD, Host and Medical Correspondent, 900 AM WURD Weekly Health Quest Discussed on her radio program on February 11, 2014:

Making a Difference in Your Life - Pumping Up Low T (Testosterone) and the Risk of Heart Attack

Many men, young, middle age and old, are pumping up their low T (Testosterone) levels by using one of the popular Testosterone treatments. Simply by using a Testosterone gel, cream or patch, they can pump up their muscles, their strength, their mood and their sex drive. Sounds like a fountain of youth!


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Bringing out the Heavy Guns for Dry Skin: Luscious Creams in a Jar

Ever since I was a little girl I have had dry skin. Really dry skin. So dry that my mother would apply lotion head to toe and an hour later, I was dry again.
This occurred in both summer and winter, but especially in the winter. From November to March, my skin was itchy as well.


Feet: From “Barbed-Wire” To “Baby Soft”

You may not realize it but on March 20, it will be the first day of spring. I would bet that you have not thought about your feet at all during the winter months. Or if you did, it was to notice that your feet were cold.


Cuticles = Healthy Nails

Most women think about their nails at least once a day. Whether bright and neon or dark and moody, short and neat or long and stiletto-like, women are most concerned about how their nails look.

We worry if our manicure isn’t fresh and stylish and are horrified when it starts to peel and chip. Gel polishes were created to increase the longevity of a manicure and the fashionable look of the nails.



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